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Crowns and Bridges in Las Vegas, NV

Full coverage dental crowns and bridges are an essential part of restoring and replacing teeth that are broken or missing. Porcelain dental crowns cover the damaged tooth or can even be placed on top of permanent dental implants. Fixed bridges are used to span the gaps where there are missing teeth. Each end is supported by a healthy tooth or dental implant. Our facility offers expert crown and bridge options to patients in the Las Vegas area.

At Streamline Nellis Office, our dentists carefully evaluate the health and spacing of the teeth prior to the placement of a permanent restoration. We then prepare the tooth and take an impression of the area, which is used to create the custom bridge or crown. The final restoration is custom-matched to look just like the teeth next to it. Before the permanent crown or bridge is ready, a temporary restoration is placed over the tooth to prevent sensitivity as well as improve aesthetics.

Once the permanent crown or bridge is ready for delivery, it will be bonded directly to your tooth. Minor tooth sensitivity is normal during the beginning.

One of our expert dentists can discuss options with you that will both restore your smile and improve the way it looks. Call us today to find out more!

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