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Orthodontists in Greater Las Vegas 

Streamline Dental offers comprehensive adult, teen and children’s orthodontics 89115 in Las Vegas. Our variety of orthodontic options allow you to choose the treatment that is best for you – whether it is conventional braces or a clear option that almost looks invisible while you wear them!

Invisalign Orthodontists

With options like Invisalign braces, our Las Vegas patients have the option to enjoy removable, comfortable aligners without traditional wires or brackets. There’s something for everyone when it comes to orthodontics services in Clark County, NV. Invisalign patients also enjoy fewer trips to an orthodontist’s office, because you simply change the aligners out at home! Our Las Vegas orthodontics office will monitor your progress for best results.

Clear Braces 

Investing in a straighter smile isn’t just for looks; it actually helps improve the health of your mouth. Our braces in Las Vegas can improve conditions like:

  • Premature tooth wear
  • Symptoms of TMJ disorder
  • Increased risk of tooth decay
  • Susceptibility to gum disease

braces-invisalignBraces and Teeth Straightening

Your entire family can get the orthodontic care they need with our Las Vegas dentists. Since everything is available right here in our facility there is no need to go anywhere else. Spend fewer appointments and have your entire smile taken care of at Streamline Dental. Call us today!

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