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Tooth Extraction in Greater Las Vegas Metro

There comes a time when some teeth are too damaged to be restored with fillings or crowns. Untreatable teeth need to be addressed quickly because there is a risk of infection spreading to other teeth. A tooth extraction is the only remaining option in these circumstances.

Las Vegas dental experts at Streamline Nellis Office offer tooth extractions in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Thanks to options like sedation dentistry, our patients can come to us without feeling nervous about their dental care. The entire tooth extraction can be completed without you ever feeling a thing!

Why do teeth need to be extracted?

  • When they prevent proper tooth eruption
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Prior to radiation or chemotherapy treatments
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that damage the jaws or adjacent teeth
  • When undergoing medical treatment for organ transplants or cancer

Prior to a tooth extraction, one of our dentists will need to complete a comprehensive examination and X-rays of the concerned teeth. This provides you with advance notice of any additional complications or concerns that may be a result of the requested treatment. When care is sought out as early as possible, our dental specialists may be able to help you prevent additional problems or even save the tooth.

For a comfortable tooth extraction and gentle dentistry, visit the dental specialists at Streamline Nellis Office. We offer convenient scheduling and easy access for patients in the Las Vegas areas.

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